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Queens of Mana

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Dive into the Worldsea in this epic Polynesian mythology series in the Eschaton Cycle historical fantasy universe.

Queens clash … Worlds bleed.

The octopus god has seized control of the mer kingdom of Mu, and Namaka will do anything to destroy him. In desperation, she seeks aid from the other god-queens of Sawaiki. Yet they are embroiled in an all-out war for control of the world above the waves, and can spare no effort for the benthic realm.

A final battle is coming … with paradise hanging in the balance.

Queens of Mana is the third novel of the Heirs of Mana series. It continues an epic melding Polynesian myths, Pacific Islander folklore, and dark fantasy in a world of endless ocean. For fans of Michael R. Fletcher, Zamil Akhtar, and Ben Galley, this is a dark mythological retelling filled with gods and monsters from the Oceanic world. This series serves as a prequel to Gods of the Ragnarok Era.

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