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The Wrath of Artemis

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Unravel the threads of destiny in this epic Greek mythology series in the Eschaton Cycle historical fantasy universe.

A fury fit to topple an Age arises

After millennia of ruling alongside them, Artemis can no longer abide the corruption of the Olympian order. To bring down Zeus and his brethren, Artemis will spark a war the likes of which has not been seen since the days when gods battled giants. 

And once more, Pandora finds herself caught in the middle, forced to choose sides and certain that, whichever she chooses, those she loves will suffer and die for her choice.

The Wrath of Artemis is the seventh novel of the Tapestry of Fate series. It begins an epic melding Greek myths, time travel, and dark fantasy into a vast adventure that spans millennia. Familiar stories unfold in new ways. Tragic heroes grapple with flaws and decisions that echo through time. And in the darkest moments, the greatest gift is a hope that refuses to burn out. For fans of Rob J. Hayes, Michael R. Fletcher, and Kevin Wright, this is a dark mythological retelling filled with gods and monsters from the Classical Age and beyond. This series serves as a prequel to Gods of the Ragnarok Era.

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